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October 14, 2012
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Two things and two things only occupied Roderich Edelstein's mind.

One of them was of course his beloved piano, the one he played to pieces whenever he had the chance. He loved the feeling of the ebony and ivory under his fingers, the reverberating chimes that surrounded him.

The other was you. Not that you knew of course, but your denseness was something that he adored as well.  Whenever he played his instrument, the reason he was so absorbed by it was simple; when he played, he imagined you under his fingers.

His imagined versions of your moaning, trembling for him as he moved his hands over the keys were so real to him. That was the reason.

As he was too cowardly to properly talk to you, he merely watched you as you spoke to your friends, classmates... It was pretty clear the Austrian had a thing for you, to all but yourself. Most of Roderich's friends urged him on to talk to you, but whenever he tried, he'd clam up and stutter something incoherent.

And though you thought he was cute, he'd had enough. He was going to tell you what he did to you in his mind whether you liked it or not.

The bell rang and Roderich stiffened, knowing it was time for his possible doom. Stiffly he walked towards you and tugged on your shirt. "I-I need to talk to you...."

You sat on a stool next to his piano, your ankles crossed. "So what did you want to talk about Roderich?" He bit his lip to hold back a shudder that your saying his name elicited. "Yo-you'll see." He murmured and turned to the keys.

The song he played was so full of passion and obvious love, all you could do was stare at his fingers in wonder. When he came a particularly expressive part, his face flushed red, his lips quivering slightly.

You reached out to him, concern flickering in your eyes. But before you could touch him, he shook his head fervently and you retracted your arm again.

He finished the song and after closing the lid, he rested his forehead on it. For a reason he was panting quite badly. You put your hand on his shoulder and shook him a bit. "Roderich? Are you okay?"

He held your hand between his own and pressed kisses on your knuckles. "I wanted to show you what you do to me." He looked at you sideways, his purple eyes glazed over with lust. His lips still touched your hand, gently kissing it.

A blush rose to your ears as you saw him sit up slowly, turn towards you and lean forward. He moved your hand to his neck and pulled you closer to him, pressing his lips against yours needily. Your face flushed dark red as Roderich nipped at your bottom lip, tugging on it.

"Whe-whenever I'm playing, I see you." He confessed, his forehead leaning on yours. "I can see your adorable blushing expression in front of me as you ask me to come closer. You moan my name for me and it makes me feel," he swiped his tongue over your lips now, tasting you," hot."

You blushed at hearing that he'd thought of those things. Truthfully, you liked him. He was very shy around you, which you thought was cute and now you knew why.

He pulled you on top of his lap, your back against the piano. "Now take responsibility." He said, then added with a smirk; "I'm going to make you feel just how hot you make me."
Written simply because I'd love to see a flustered Austria :D

Please enjoy and tell me what you think~

Decide in the poll who you want to see next!

Part two: [link]
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